We’re Medway Community Healthcare (MCH to our friends) and we provide a wide range of community services for people living in Medway and beyond; from health visitors and community nurses, to speech and language therapists and out of hours urgent care.

The majority of the services we provide are NHS – we’re proud to be part of the NHS family and we’ll shout from the rooftops about how great it is. It also means that we can provide all the staff pay and benefits that the NHS provides, and more.

As a social enterprise we’re also able to provide additional cool stuff, like physiotherapist-led Pilates classes, podiatry sessions and training courses for schools. Anything we make from these (paid-for) services, goes right back into improving all of the services we provide.

So there you have it, in an MCH nutshell. We pride ourselves on innovation, care, compassion, value and partnership.

Identifying the MCH family

All MCH staff carry or wear a photo identity card to make it clear that they work with us. Feel free to ask to see it. If you’re at all unsure, (even after checking out the photo), get in touch with our Safeguarding team on 01634 334466

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

MCH is committed to the ongoing safety and wellbeing of the people we care for. All MCH staff working in our communities have up-to-date enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) checks. Find out more on our safeguarding declaration page >

Where to next?
Non NHS services

As a social enterprise we are able offer many additional non-NHS services. All profits we make from these services are reinvested back into our services and the community!

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