At MCH we are committed to conducting, supporting and facilitating research across our various sites. We work to high standards making sure that our Good Clinical Practice guidelines are at the heart of everything we do. We are currently funded by the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Comprehensive Research Network. They are the local arm of the National Institute of Health Research which in turn is the research arm of the NHS.

Research was made a priority for the NHS, in the government’s 2012 White paper. Since then research activity has increased dramatically throughout the country, but it is significantly less in primary care. As a result, MCH is working closely with other services, universities, industries and Medway Foundation Trust to offer our patients the chance to take part in ground breaking research. We have been very busy over the last year and as a result we have opened studies within cardiology, palliative care, Respiratory, children’s services, women’s health, muscular skeletal, dementia and stroke. Our aim is to be able to offer all our patients the chance to take part in research.

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